Thirsty Buddha Soda Pop, 12 Count [Ginger Lemon]

$23.88 (12 pack)

Enjoy the refreshing, nostalgic taste of NEW Thirsty Buddha® Soda, Soda Reimaged™ for a Healthy Gut! Thirsty Buddha® Soda is rich in fibre and made with plant-based prebiotics for a healthy gut. A happy, healthy gut can positively impact the functioning of our body, mind, and immune system!

Thirsty Buddha® Soda has only 2g of sugar per serving and is made with natural flavours, colours and sweeteners.

Now you can enjoy the refreshing, crisp taste of Ginger Lemon soda AND the joy of knowing it’s actually good for you!

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Ingredients: Carbonated coconut water, Grapefruit juice, Citric acid, Ascorbic acid, Natural grapefruit flavour.

Better Bubbles

Hyper-hydrating coconut water gets a boost of light carbonation, and keeps the essential electrolyes, vitamins, and minerals that make it so refreshing. Let this be a better-for-you drink mixer, a solution to your soda cravings, or just something to sip any time!

Our Mission

A Passion for Positive Change

As members of 1% For The Planet, Buddha Brands pledges 1% of all annual sales to environmental organizations like Oceana, The David Suzuki Foundation, and lots more. We’re working to make the world a healthier and more sustainable place, one purchase at a time.

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