Sustainability & our Business

Here at Buddha Brands™ we strive for continuous improvement in our sustainability practices, with the goal to reduce our impact on the environment and support our communities.
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We believe that plant-powered is better for our health and better for the planet.

All of our products are plant-based, helping to lower our CO2 impact on the environment compared to dairy and animal-based products.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

Our Commitment to Sustainability

  • Packaging is a key part of our sustainability plan. All of our beverage containers and snack boxes are recyclable, and we are working to eliminate plastic we don’t need including working with industry leaders to identify recyclable solutions for bar wrappers.
  • The factory that produces our bars is LEED certified. LEED certified buildings improve efficiency and lower carbon emissions. Compared to similar factories, the factory that produces our bars uses 25% less energy and does not have any active cooling or heating – it is all Geothermal!
  • All the coconuts used in the production of our coconut water are ethically and sustainably sourced from family farms in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Many of our coconut water varieties are also Fair Trade Certified®.
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Protecting our Natural Resources and Nourishing Our Communities

Each year Buddha Brands donates to like-minded organizations focused on protecting our natural resources and nourishing our communities such as Second Harvest and more.

  • In 2022, Buddha Brands donated $80,000 to Second Harvest Canada in support of their vision “No Waste, No Hunger”. The donation will help provide enough food to distribute 242,424 meals through agencies and partners across Canada. Additionally, the food rescued for these meals will help prevent the release of over 700,000 pounds of greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere.
  • 100% of surplus products are directed to community organizations including Second Harvest.
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Natural Plant-Based Bars and Drinks

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